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Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Law Firm Guides Clients Through the Immigration Process

Knowledgeable counsel for family based immigration, naturalization and deportation or removal proceedings matters

For generations, people have come to the US to fulfill their dreams. At our law office, PLLC in Arlington, we represent clients in family and employment immigration cases in the Texas area. Julio Paredes, the owner of our law firm, is a knowledgeable immigration lawyer who strives to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Be sure, a professional immigration attorney will explain the steps involved in your type of litigation so you can have peace of mind about the journey ahead.

Full Legal Support by Immigration Lawyer Fort Worth Texas

Immigration attorney Julio Paredes provides experienced and diligent representation in order to safeguard your rights throughout each step in the legal process. For domestic and international clients, our immigration attorney – abogado de inmigracion will provide dedicated counsel in the following areas:

  • Green cards — our firm provides qualified assistance to people who are seeking lawful permanent residence in the U.S.
  • Immigration for family — with our family immigration knowledge and skills, we can help you reunite with a loved one who wants to live in the United States.
  • Employment-based visas — our abogado de inmigracion espanol provides representation to men and women who wish to obtain U.S. work visas as well as companies that want to sponsor workers from outside our borders.
  • Naturalization — if you have been a legal permanent resident of this country for at least five years or you qualify in another way, immigration attorney at our firm will represent you throughout the naturalization process so that you can become a U.S. citizen.

Immigration law involves complex paperwork and exacting requirements for eligibility. Our abogado de inmigracion espanol knows how to cut through the red tape to expedite your case to the extent allowed by law.

Spanish Immigration Lawyer For Clients Facing Deportation

Being detained by ICE or receiving a Notice to Appear at a removal hearing can be scary. If you or a loved one’s immigration status is under threat after recently arriving to the United States, you need strong legal counsel in your corner. For those who have been the target of an arrest or are otherwise facing deportation and removal proceedings, our immigration attorney can help build the strong defense you need. We will thoroughly investigate your case and present any missing information to the authorities and courts. 

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The Law Office of Julio Paredes, PLLC in Arlington, handles all kinds of immigration cases for clients throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area. If you’re looking for immigration lawyers near me, please call 682-422-7022 or contact us online by sending a request to schedule a free consultation at our office. The firm’s attorney assists both Spanish and English-speaking clients.

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