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Reduce All Inheritance Risks with an Estate Planning Lawyer

The help and support of an experienced probate attorney are, first of all, awareness and concern for the future of your assets.

People always want to take care of their family and loved ones, choosing various ways to achieve this goal. The scope of this can also vary, from pancakes in the morning and gifts on holidays to full health insurance and estate planning. All this is normal and natural, but it requires various knowledge and skills, among which legal ones play an important role. Take care of the well-being of your family and the preservation of your assets in advance by using the services of an experienced estate planning lawyer. A certified expert is well aware of inheritance law’s nuances and will protect your interests brilliantly, minimizing the associated hassles and worries.

Determined Texas attorney advocates for the best interests of children

How Arlington Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You

To ensure a secure future for your children after a divorce, the attorney at The Law Offices of Julio Paredes, PLLC provides strong legal counsel and determined advocacy. We handle matters including:


·         Child support — Parents share the responsibility of supporting their children. Our attorney will seek an arrangement in which you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children.

·         Child custody and visitation — We advocate for parenting time to be divided in a way that grants a child stability and safety and preserves your parental bond. We assert our clients’ rights to make decisions about how their children are raised.

·         Adoption — A biological parent’s change of heart or an immigration problem can turn the joy of adoption into a nightmare. We assist with the complex legal process of adoption so you can add to your family.

·         Juvenile delinquency — If your child ends up in trouble with the law, their future and your parenting rights may be threatened. When authorities interfere with your rights, a zealous advocate can help to cut the bureaucratic red tape.

In all of these matters, we work tirelessly to protect your children’s welfare and your rights as a parent.

Estate planning support is a complex work of a lawyer aimed at protecting the client’s interests during the creation of the will or trust and after their execution. It guarantees the correctness of the making of documents, their compliance with current legislation, and the exact implementation upon loss of legal capacity or death. 

Writing a will is the main work of an estate planning lawyer. However, a probate attorney is also doing a great job with other planning tasks, among which you can delegate to him the following:

  • Decreasing taxes for an inheritance, creating separate trust accounts for beneficiaries
  • Establish a guardian for the underage children, living dependents, or disabled family members
  • Appointment of an executor to supervise the terms of the will
  • Funeral organization & agreements
  • Establish annual donations to qualified non-profit organizations and charities to reduce taxable assets
  • Execution of a durable POA (power of attorney) to manage other assets and resources

Strategic counselor handles divorce, alimony and property division

Our attorney helps clients to end their marriage with as little stress as possible, but when the situation demands litigation, we won’t hesitate to press your rights in court. Whether your breakup is contested or amicable, we provide comprehensive support for:


·         Divorce — We guide you through the divorce process so that your rights are protected and you can move forward with confidence.

·         Spousal support — Our law firm fights for the best possible settlement or judgment in regard to spousal support payments, whether you must pay alimony or will receive it.

·         Property division — We will advocate for a fair allocation of your marital estate and debt, ensuring the court has a full financial accounting.

·         Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — We draft and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect your interests and can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty should you ever divorce.

Mediation may be useful in helping you and your partner to achieve amicable agreements about issues involving your children, property and finances. When it is impossible to find solutions on which both parties can agree, however, you can depend on us to advocate for your best interests in court. As skilled negotiators and tough litigators, we won’t rest until we’ve reached the best possible outcome for you.

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Comprehensive Estate Planning Support

Estate planning includes many decisions aimed at protecting assets and material resources from all sorts of risks, including physical ones such as incapacitation or death. It also provides many ways to achieve the goal, as well as methods of preservation, definition, and distribution, which you can choose and successfully implement with the probate attorney.

01 Wills


Wills are the most popular tool of a wills attorney who can help with appropriate document creation and execution. Following existing jurisdiction laws, experts ensure strict adherence to regulations for minimizing court hassles in advance.

02 Trusts


Trusts execution is another practical estate planning tool with a high degree of control over assets management & disposition. It is the best solution to take care of children and the most vulnerable family members that can provide and support the professional estate planning lawyer.

03 Appointments & Tax Management


In these cases, the help of an Arlington estate planning attorney is mandatory, not advisory, because it relates to an abundance of legal nuances. Let us put things in order in your will, taking care of the legalization of documents following your wishes and requirements.

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The right of inheritance is one of the most sophisticated systems, constantly changing and improving. Today you can bequeath anything to anyone. However, without the help of a qualified probate attorney, you cannot be 100% sure that your orders will be fully executed. Take care of this in advance with the support of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

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