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USA Traffic Law is a comprehensive system that presents many rules, regulations, and recommendations for all owners of private cars, fleets, trucks, and other vehicles. Alas, even a detailed study and in-depth knowledge of the Road Code cannot guarantee an acquittal in insurance claims cases and cases with a lack of evidence. In turn, there is also good news. Prospects of success are dramatically improved when an experienced car accident lawyer is involved in the litigation process. A well-trained expert will help not only with the collection of evidence and court papers but also determine the damages and ways to file a claim to win your case in the shortest possible time.

Determined Texas attorney advocates for the best interests of children

Professional Support of Lawyers for Auto Accidents

To ensure a secure future for your children after a divorce, the attorney at The Law Offices of Julio Paredes, PLLC provides strong legal counsel and determined advocacy. We handle matters including:


·         Child support — Parents share the responsibility of supporting their children. Our attorney will seek an arrangement in which you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children.

·         Child custody and visitation — We advocate for parenting time to be divided in a way that grants a child stability and safety and preserves your parental bond. We assert our clients’ rights to make decisions about how their children are raised.

·         Adoption — A biological parent’s change of heart or an immigration problem can turn the joy of adoption into a nightmare. We assist with the complex legal process of adoption so you can add to your family.

·         Juvenile delinquency — If your child ends up in trouble with the law, their future and your parenting rights may be threatened. When authorities interfere with your rights, a zealous advocate can help to cut the bureaucratic red tape.

In all of these matters, we work tirelessly to protect your children’s welfare and your rights as a parent.

We always emphasize that each accident case is unique and requires a separate detailed study by experienced lawyers for auto accidents. It would seem that there are many similar situations, differing in minor details. However, these details can radically change the court’s decision, and a car accident lawyer often has to deal with them.

Expert assistance and advice are indispensable in the vast majority of road accidents, including cases of:

  • appeal against issued fines;
  • return of a driver’s license;
  • troubles with vehicle registration;
  • recovery of funds from the accident culprit or the insurance company;
  • preparation and filing of claims, applications, complaints, letters, and other documents;
  • accompaniment during litigation and resolution of disputes.

Paper requirements and the collection of related documentation also do not make it easier for victims, forcing them to spend more time, money, and nerves. In turn, your personal car accident lawyer is well acquainted with all the innovations of US law and has significant experience in protecting the rights of car owners in various situations.

Strategic counselor handles divorce, alimony and property division

Our attorney helps clients to end their marriage with as little stress as possible, but when the situation demands litigation, we won’t hesitate to press your rights in court. Whether your breakup is contested or amicable, we provide comprehensive support for:


·         Divorce — We guide you through the divorce process so that your rights are protected and you can move forward with confidence.

·         Spousal support — Our law firm fights for the best possible settlement or judgment in regard to spousal support payments, whether you must pay alimony or will receive it.

·         Property division — We will advocate for a fair allocation of your marital estate and debt, ensuring the court has a full financial accounting.

·         Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — We draft and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect your interests and can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty should you ever divorce.

Mediation may be useful in helping you and your partner to achieve amicable agreements about issues involving your children, property and finances. When it is impossible to find solutions on which both parties can agree, however, you can depend on us to advocate for your best interests in court. As skilled negotiators and tough litigators, we won’t rest until we’ve reached the best possible outcome for you.

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Strategy for Car Accidents

Cases of car accidents are one of the most popular tasks of our specialists since they often involve a lot of paperwork, collecting evidence, and results of examinations. Thus, car owners get even more stress and worries due to unjustified time and money costs. Contacting an auto accident attorney Arlington, in this case, is the best solution because an experienced car accident lawyer will take most of your troubles.

Stage 1: Auto Accident Fixation


Proper recording of evidence with police officers and certified lawyers for auto accidents is half your acquittal. Besides, specialists can quickly find supporting media materials necessary for your defense in court further.

Stage 2: Insurance Company Notification


Contacting an insurance company is about a lot of paperwork and expertise that is impossible without an objective car wreck lawyer. Spend your resources on more important things by entrusting insurance processes to us.

Stage 3: Court Participation and Defense


Litigation is sometimes unpredictable and lengthy, so the presence of a trained auto accident attorney Arlington automatically increases the chances of acquittal, saving your time and nerves.

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Car accident lawyer assistance is a comprehensive range of services for all car owners, whether you are a US resident or not. Our goal is to restore justice and protect your interests by minimizing your worries about collecting documents, filing applications, etc.
Lawyers for auto accidents are also knowledgeable about auto registration, deregistration, and other related tasks.  

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